All my life, right from my childhood, I have always been an avid reader. Consuming novels and books at a quiet early stage.

Popsy had a big bookshelf then filled with James Hardley Chase thrillers, Harlequins, and others. After reading ‘Eze goes to school’ ‘Chike and the river’ at school, I would come back home and dive right down to immersing myself in the world of characters told in the stories.

Back in school then I used to try my hand at trying to flesh out my own characters and bring them to life through vivid strokes of the pen.

But along the way, I found it was much easy to read others story than to create/write one yourself.

Now, it is time to try and doing more writing and less reading. Writing enables you to craft and tell your story to an audience.

And if you can share/tell your story to an audience, you can sell to that audience.

Here’s to inviting you to this epic journey of being a better writer. Do bear with, it might be quite bumpy.

Thanks to Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze of for the inspiration

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