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    15 Motivational Picture Quotes To Inspire And Forge A Better You 

    Sometimes when the going gets tough, all you need is someone or something to remind you that things can look brighter. It is much more easier to concentrate on the negatives and forget the positive in our lives but here are 15 great motivational picture quotes to help you stay focused on the things that matter and on achieving all your necessary goals.

    1. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

    • Wayne Gretzky


    2. You only lack experience if they want it done the same old way.

    • Robert Brault


    3. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

    • Confucius


    4. If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint”, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

    • Vincent Van Gogh


    5. Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

    • George Addair


    6. Fall seven times and stand up eight.

    • Japanese Proverb


    7. Whenever you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em:’ Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it.

    • Theodore Roosevelt


    8. Eighty percent of success is showing up.

    • Woody Allen


    9. When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

    • Henry Ford


    10. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the things you did do.

    • Mark Twain


    11. The mind is everything. What you think you become.

    • Buddha


    12. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

    • Chinese Proverb


    13. When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

    • Alexander Graham Bell.


    14. Never tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

    • Author Unknown


    15. The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.

    • Steve Jobs


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    Forget Not Thy Neighour 

    The neighbour is no other but that person at thy side who needs your moral, financial, spiritual, physical, mental and academic help. Now, to understand and to be a channel for this help to the neighbour, three basic truths have to stand clearly before whoever may render this help.

    + It is by providence that you are the one to help others.
    + God’s blessings to you have a universal orientation.
    + Jesus Christ by His death on the cross gives you a perfect example of help to the neighbour.


    Human beings by natural constitution are selfish beings. Whoever affords at any degree to be generous must have done some violence to the current of natural tendencies. St Paul expressed this thus: “Far from relying on any power of my own“. By the large-hearted sacrifices you make to build up the person beside you, you become as the gospel proposes “The salt of the earth”  “The light of the world” “a city built on a hilltop” “a light on a stand”.

    May God help and be with you on your journey of life.
    Pray with Psalm 11.

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    Important Notes On Life And Meaning 

    So I was going through Quora which I normally do when I am bored and actually need inspiration or motivation and I discovered a great topic being discussed about life lessons you wish you had leant in your twenties and it was so great I felt like sharing. If you don’t know what Quora is, it is a Q&A site and community where questions are asked and great answers then provided. I love Quora.

    So here it is, things I wish my twenty year-old self to know:

    Here are some things I really, really wish I knew when I was twenty.

    Love hurts, but not as much as not

    The friendships you nurture will have
    a greater effect on your life than where you work or what you earn.

    You are not your job. You are not
    your bankroll. You are not the sum of
    your possessions.

    The company does not love you. It
    has no heart. You are replaceable. Keep your parachute handy.

    Few decisions will ever shape your
    future life more than who you choose
    to marry. To marry well, you must
    choose well.

    Love is a commitment.

    Believe it or not, passions grow out of
    your values. Make early, wise choices
    to value what (and who) is good,
    trustworthy, and praiseworthy.

    Integrity preserved is honor won.

    Rejoice in your health. It fades fast.

    Find a passion. Pick a hobby, own it:
    photography, juggling—whatever. Get
    your 10K hours of perfect practice in
    early and change your life.

    Don’t bother comparing yourself to
    others—this only leads to heartbreak,
    anger, and disappointment.

    Most disappointments grow from unmet expectations. Set realistic
    expectations for yourself, based on your strengths, then strive to exceed

    Don’t drive others to meet
    expectations they’ve committed to —
    lead, inspire, and help them do it.

    Don’t set expectations for others when they haven’t or cannot commit to them.

    Don’t complain. Either change your
    situation, learn to cope, or change
    your perspective.

    Don’t worry about making big bucks
    out of the gate, worry first about doing whatever you have to do excellently.

    Little stuff matters—even in lowly jobs. The boss notices and even if not, your peers and colleagues do.

    Ultimately, privacy is a myth: God sees everything. The cloud records everything. NSA files everything. So,
    live transparently and don’t waste
    useless energy hiding failures.

    Don’t look down on others because
    they don’t have what you didn’t earn
    —your intellect, your beauty, and your
    culture of birth are undeserved gifts…
    be humble.

    Failure is an opportunity: no great man or woman ever achieved
    significance without great failures to
    learn from.

    Never withhold an apology when it’s
    merited. Deliver it quickly, sincerely,
    and personally—before resentment

    You don’t need to nurture old guilt
    when you’re forgiven. But remembering the shame can help you avoid repeats.

    Mere belief in anything signifies little
    more than assent. It’s trust and
    behavior that reveal where convictions lie.

    The main thing you need to do quickly is to stop doing things quickly. Trade hurry for calm, confidence, and precision.

    Everybody needs an editor. Everybody.

    Get your work done first so you can
    play without guilt. Even better, make
    work play and the fun never ends!

    If you want to develop your passion
    and gift, stop worrying about the things you do poorly. Go with your strengths!

    Avoid fights. Seriously. Avoid them like a plague: nobody wins in a fight, even if you walk away unscathed. But when a fight picks you, leave everything on the mat and give it your all. Hold nothing back.

    If you’re bored, you’re doing it wrong.

    The skills that will help your career
    most are the abilities to assimilate,
    communicate, and persuade. Keep

    Nothing in this life—no pain, no
    agony, no failure—compares to the
    eternal joy of Heaven. Live in light of

    Protect your joy. Nothing is easier to
    lose by over-thinking, overanalyzing,
    and second-guessing. On the other
    hand, always consider the long-term
    consequences of your choices: stupid
    decisions made in the moment can
    rob you of years of joy and happiness.

    Your purpose in life determines how
    you frame events. You can maintain
    your joy in the most dire circumstances if you find meaning for your life. Dig deep.

    It truly matters what you think about.
    Think well by reading good books,
    building good, loving relationships,
    having good conversation, and
    imitating great people.

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    Thoughts On The Human Mind And Happiness 

    The human mind and body are most times in a change of state and form, agreed that the change of the body is limited, the change of the mind is something else.


    People can reform their minds to whatever it is they want to as the mind is like a fluid, it takes the shape of the container you pour it into. Your mind is capable of becoming whatever you want it to be so don’t be scared of molding it, it is your personal property and it is a reservior for who you are so mold it, keep molding and forming that near perfect being you wanna be and the funny thing about the mind?

    When you form that shape, you start
    seeing your body become that thing. Your body starts acting out the shape of your mind bits by bit so shape it, let your mind be yourself and you.

    Someone once said that the happiest people in the world are the people who dedicated their lives to serve others and see smiles on the part of people.
    Oephius said the happiest people are
    those who chose to live their path. Who
    choose to live the path they have formed their mind into as in that can true happiness be found. He said being
    selfless might make one person happy but to another person, it is sadness
    But then another also said life is just effed up, no one is truly happy until they die cos that’s when they find out what they have done and the results.

    So I poured into myself to find answers
    Happiness is like the weather, it changes, it is affected by little things on the short time and within hours can become something else so why do I wanna search for it? As much as I want to deny it, my happiness is dependent on people and things around me. You are not truly independent when it comes to happiness so why do you want to invest in it?

    Human beings mostly cause you to be
    happy or not but do you really want to
    hinge your life finding happiness?
    The answer in No. I want the Higher road, I want more which is what I have always wanted but I have never found it so my mind feels like it is trapped. I should be after Joy instead. That is long lasting and has a much stronger effect.

    And what is the difference between Happiness and Joy? Same as the difference between Weather and Climate. Happiness is in an instant, you can be happy now and sad the next minute but Joy is something a lot
    more interesting a higher and more
    appealing concept.

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    Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code — Programming: Ideas, Tutorial, and Experience — Medium 

    Coding is a skill like any other. Like language learning, there’s grammar and vocabulary to acquire. Like math, there are processes to work through specific types of problems. Like all kinds of craftsmanship and art-making, there are techniques and tools and best practices that people have developed over time, specialized to different tasks, that you’re free to use or modify or discard.

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    Mourinho Comes Back To Chelsea 

    So Mourinho is now back at the bridge! Good days ahead for the Blues. Welcome back to Stamford Bridge, The Special One!

    “We want to follow a dream, yes it’s true, but it’s one thing to follow a dream and another to follow an obsession…A dream is more pure than obsession. A dream is about pride” Jose Mourinho.

    “The plan is always the same, evolution and to establish the club at the highest possible level. I left Chelsea in 2007, since then I’ve spoken about the club many times, especially in my privacy,” Mourinho told Chelsea TV.

    “We have to improve the team, and when I say improve the team people are already thinking about how many millions Chelsea are going to spend, and when I say improve the team I am saying improving by work.

    “My work has to improve players and improve the team. The profile of the younger players with long-term space for improvement and development, I like very much that kind of profile. I’ve come with a four-year contract so if I read the situation with the immediate age of [Eden] Hazard, Oscar, [David] Luiz and these boys, I think it will be good for me to work with them and good for them to work with me.”

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    My Contribution to the Nairaland Detective Writers Club Colaboration Story 

    The Nairaland Detective Club is a pseudo-club started by Larry-Sun on to bring writers and aspiring writers to come together to collaborate and write a good story together.

    What is a Detection Club?

    It is a private association of writers of detective fiction in Great Britain, existing chiefly for the purpose of eating dinners together at suitable intervals and of talking inimitable plots. Its membership is confined to those who have written genuine stories (published or otherwise). Hence my zeal to create one in Nairaland.

    This Club amounts that the interested writers pledge themselves to play the game with the public and with their fellow writers. 

    A member writer must write as good English as he can.

    Now, a word about the conditions under which NDC is created. 

    Each contributor to the story tackles the mystery or clues presented in the preceding chapters without having the slightest idea of what the previous authors have in mind about how the story will end. 

    Each contributor will post a chapter each week for the pleasure of the readers. 

    Each writer is bound to deal faithfully with all the difficulties left for him by his predecessors. He must not dismiss them as caprice or accident, or present an explanation inconsistent with them…he must give a coherent and plausible-enough explanation. 

    Each writer may introduce a possible clue either for the mystery to be easily solved or to make it more complicated for the subsequent contributors. Naturally, as the clues become in process of time more numerous, the solutions grow more complicated and precise, while the general outlines of the plot gradually harden and fix themselves. Where one writer may have laid down a clue, thinking that it could point only in one obvious direction, the succeeding writers may manage to make it point in a direction exactly opposite. And it is here, perhaps, that the game gets more interesting and quite hard to crack. 

    Whether the game will succeed in amusing the innocent readers is mainly for the readers to judge.

    Each contributor may create any new character but the character must be unique and have a definite bearing in the plot. If one character creates a stammerer, no subsequent writer must make the stammerer speak coherently without a convincing reason behind the sudden miracle.

    The creator of the thread (Larry Sun) shall write the first chapter, from which other writers will create their own subsequent chapters. 

    Each week, a chapter would be posted and this would give the next writer a full week to prepare the next chapter. A writer, after having contributed a chapter, may not have to contribute any other until after about a month or thereabout, depending on the number of participants in the game. 

    This is an initial thread where I’m hereby soliciting the participation of interested writers.



    Being the enigmatic person that I am, I decided to sign up and contribute to the story. The storyline centers around a police officer and him being implicated and set up in a murder of a senator and the other powerful figures around. After much ado, gnashing of person and consulting the stars, I put up my own portion of the storyline when it reached my turn. Here it is below in all it’s fairy tale unadulterated glory.

    Chapter 11
    The Awakening
    Submitted by Frosti

    Someplace, Sometime

    He awoke with a start and tentatively opened an eye. He could not immediately place where he was and felt instantly disoriented. He felt very dry and light, like he had no real substance. It was quite eerie but yet still sublimely peaceful. He felt at home, like he had been here before or his very being was attuned to it.

    Picking himself up from where he lay, he decided to survey his environment. All around him shone white and bare. There were no trees, buildings or any sort of landmarks in sight. The was even no sun in the white sky. Just white sand on the ground stretching as far as the eye could see into the bleak white horizon.

    Where am I? Is this a dream or a nightmare? Am I dead? Where is everybody? Why is everywhere so white? What is this place? These and a thousand and one other questions raged through his mind as he looked around him.

    After sitting, contemplating and waiting for answers that were not forthcoming, he decided to explore more of his surroundings. As his bare feet crunched on the cool white sand, he walked off into the white horizon, his white robe billowing in the slight wind.

    Gold Cross Hospital, Ikoyi Lagos

    Dr Kaboon was having a very shitty day. His wife’s incessant nagging got to a new feverish pitch today just because he refused to give her money to purchase a very unnecessary piece of jewelry which she said many of her friends had and which she too wants to own. Damnable woman. Didn’t she have enough jewelry already? He could remember the small fortune he spent on the diamond necklace he got her for her birthday just a few months back. And now she is giving him hell for this? His darling wife has totally changed from the soft-spoken woman he met and fell in love with. It was all he could do to hold himself and his anger and leave the house without beating her. He left the house on an empty stomach.

    And now this Pyguru is also giving him hell. Dr Kaboon would have given anything not to have to work under the same roof as his colleague, Dr Pynto Okuwati aka Pyguru aka Royal-Pain-in-the-Bottom. His pomposity was way too high and totally undeserved. How could someone be so full of himself, yet know so little? It was a puzzle Dr Kaboon was not sure he was ready to find out yet. Maybe he will have to ask some of his Psychology colleagues later.

    “I am telling you, Kaboon, that the patient in Room 004 should be moved to ward 2. I think it will be better if he is removed from isolation.”

    Why must this have to use his surname, Kaboon? Couldn’t he just call him Tijani or even Tj as some do? To say Kaboon was irritated was a gross understatement.

    “No Pyguru, the patient is in that particular room for a reason. That is the only room that has the necessary equipment to treat catatonic patients. The MRI scan of his brain shows extensive damage to his cerebral cortex. He requires close attention and monitoring.”

    “He is essentially a vegetable. He needs to be moved from that room so that it can be used for urgent and much more hopeful cases. Or maybe we can even transfer him to another hospital.”

    From which planet did this guy come from? Dr Kaboon had to focus in order to control his anger and his face passive and his voice cool. At this rate people around him were pissing him off, he wondered how long he would be able to hold himself. Maybe he should see an anger management therapist. He mentally added that to his to-do list.

    “For the umpteenth time, Pyguru, that patient stays put where he is. His bills are being taken care of and they come from somewhere far above our paychecks, from the hospital Administrator. This conversation is over. You may leave now.”

    “What of the other matter concerning the nurses’ welfare package?”

    “I have work to do now. I will take it up with the Administrator later.”

    Pyguru mumbled a last retort as he banged the door after him. Maybe one of these days, I will just …….., thought Dr Kaboon as he buried his head in the patients reports files in his in-tray. As the head consultant out of the 6 doctors at Gold Cross Hospital, one of the perks of his high position was that he could he could overrule Pyguru and ignore his ramblings. But it also meant he was the one to peruse the patients’ reports in the morning before sending them to the required sections and doctors. And it was not light work.

    He was still perusing the reports 30 minutes later when he heard a soft knock at his office door.

    “Come in”, he said.
    And in glided a nurse. She smiled at him.
    “It is time for you to do your patient rounds, Doc.”
    “Thank you, Nurse Veronica, lemme just tidy up”. He smiled back at her. Nurse Veronica was one of his favourite nurses.
    “The patient in Room 004 has really stabilized and his vitals are showing strong signals, though he is still in coma.”
    “Good. I will check on him too.”
    “Anything else I could do for you, Doc? You don’t seem too bright today.”
    Yes, don’t quit smiling, thought Dr Kaboon.
    “Yes, hold these files and accompany me on the rounds. I am having a pretty shitty day and could do with your charming presence.”

    He had once flirted with the dark skinned beautiful nurse and since then she had been making advances towards him. Advances he had of course refused because he didn’t want to hurt his marriage and his wife and their two kids. Maybe it was time to revisit this other option. He smiled as an image of his nagging wife crossed his mind. Banishing the image, he decided to concentrate on the sweet smiling face before him.

    “Let’s go.”
    Locking up his office, he followed the heavy swaying hips down the hallway. Maybe the day will not be that bad after all.

    Same morning. Police State Command Headquarters.

    Inspector David was excited. The source of his excitement could be seen flapping in his hands. It was an envelope addressed to the police Criminal Investigation Department, and in the envelope were some photocopied autopsy reports. The real autopsy reports of the death of Tracy Oluwami, Chief Koko’s daughter and Lucan’s girlfriend and fiancée.

    The autopsy reports showed the real cause of death to be cyanide poisoning and also showed the real time of death. It also made note of the small needle hole at the back of her head.

    This new development just blew the case wide open and he could now prove the innocence of his dear friend, Lucan. He thanked his stars that whoever sent in the envelope had decided to address it to the CID, who knew what could have happened to the envelope if it was addressed to another department of the police, especially with all the corruption in the force.

    He knew he had to share this information with someone he could trust. Picking up his phone, he decided to call Sharon, Lucan’s Lawyer and his lover. He and Sharon had decided that they knew each other well enough to drop their platonic relationship and try something much more intimate. They had made love a couple of times.

    Sharon picked up at the first ring.
    “Sweets, I got great news! Are you currently busy?”
    “Baby No, today has been a slow day at the Chambers here. What happened?”
    “I got something great. I think Lucan’s case just blew wide open. I am coming right over to your office to pick you up so that we can really strategise on what to do. Am also getting a bottle of champagne.”
    “Okay baby, I will be waiting.” Sang Sharon.

    Ten minutes later, David was easing his 3-year old dark green Toyota Carina out of the garage and into the street. In his excitement, he failed to notice the sleek black car that entered the road three car lengths behind him.

    Same Time. Police State Command Head Quarters

    Like Inspector David of the CID, Asst Chief Inspector Jay Brown aka JayB also received an envelope an envelope with the same contents. But unlike David, JayB was not a happy man. He had an open-and-shut case before him and had even shuttered investigations pending when and if Lucan recovered from his gunshot injuries. With this new unwarranted evidence, he was staring at the full possibility of having haunted a possibly innocent man to his present state. Damn you anonymous tipster. He caused silently.

    He looked at the envelope and it’s contents again. It was quite a nondescript envelope, the type you could get at any bookshop for a few naira. The stamp on it showed on it showed that it was posted outside Lagos (smart bastard, he caused again). It was addressed to the officer in charge of the case involving the murder of Chief Koko and Tracy Oluwami and had just a PO Box as the returnee address. He instinctively knew the PO Box will be fake.

    Picking up the intercom, he requested Sgt James Aproko to report ASAP.
    Within the minute, Sgt Aproko was in his office and saluted smartly.

    “You called sir”
    “Yes. I want you to take this envelope to Forensics department. I want them to run a complete test on it and it’s contents – fingerprints, DNA, the full works. I also want you to check the PO Box on the envelope. I also want a full background check done on all the workers at Dr Suleiman’s Funeral Parlor.
    “Yes Sir! But the background check will take some time”.
    Then get on it. I want to know if this is real or just some or just a plank. I want your report on my desk ASAP. Dismissed!”
    Saluting smartly, Sgt Aproko wheeled out of the office.

    JayB was indeed not a happy man. The events of the past few days had not been very favourable at all. His boss, Chief Inspector Ibe, had been killed and while he was still trying to locate the killer(s), a new boss had been fostered on. This new boss had then proceeded to close the damn case as non-solvable. And coupled with the half dozen homicides of recent, no sane man could be happy.

    He sighed as he opened the file on his desk. Two idiots had caused a brawl during a football match involving two European clubs and had proceeded to wreck the match viewing centre. One person had died and 6 more sustained injuries of varying degrees in the fracas that ensured. He sighed again. It was indeed going to be a long day.

    Jakende Low-Cost Housing Estate 9:06 hours

    Tope felt good with himself. He knew he had done something noble. After successfully fending off Mrs Ajoke by showing her a wrong envelope and telling her he had no such document, he had boarded a bus to a post office in a small town outside Lagos. There he had made two more copies of the autopsy reports. One copy he had addressed to the police CID and then another to the officer in charge of the murder case of the girl in question. He then breathed a sigh of relief.

    He was now back his one-room self-contained and was now perusing a copy of his favourite book on the human anatomy. He knew he was going to get an A1 on his internship report. Thank you Lord for your mercies and kindness, he silently prayed.


    Somewhere in Obalende. 09:33 hours. Same day

    Jack knew he was going to die. He felt it in his very bones. He knew he was a dead man the moment the limping man barged into their lives and interrupted their peaceful existence. But it was not like that now, this felt much different. he could see it in the mad glint in the eyes of the mad man as he worked on his beautiful wife earlier on. The man was no longer limping now, he had morphed into the insane one. The mad man had gone out to do who knows what, but not before slinging cold look his way.

    Jack knew he had lost all sense of time and bearing. He had been drugged and transported from his residence to this place. And then he was tortured. He could still remember it vividly, the pain from the stump on his ring finger was still racking his body with convulsions. But alas,the greatest pain he felt was within, right in his heart. He had watched helplessly from where he was tied as his dear wife had been rough handled and then Molested. Was that even molestation? He was not so sure he could call that molestation, because his dear wife had responded to the madman. Infact he was not so sure he was sure he was sure of anything anymore. Must be the drugs.

    But one thing felt very sure. He could feel Death itself calling him to it’s dark and cold embrace. He felt very defeated. Calling on his God, he asked for forgiveness for his sins and waited for death.

    Same place. Same time

    The fog was lifting and with it came clearer thinking. Eno Etim felt as if she had slept off for a decade. Her head felt very heavy, like it belonged to someone else. She also felt very dirty. She felt like she had been ravaged by something unclean and filthy.Then the memories started filtering in slowly.

    She remembered the face, a face so full of malice she wanted to forget it. She remembered the man’s hot breath as he kissed her deeply and also the touch of his dirty hands as he roughed her bosoms. She could also feel the pain from the tiny wounds on her laps caused by the calluses on the man’s hands. She prayed the mad man had used protection when he had entered her, she did not want to contract any STI. She felt real dirty for having responded to his touches. Mst have been the drugs which dulled her willpower, she admonished herself.

    She knew she could never survive another such ordeal, it would break her spirit. Survival called. Looking around her, she surveyed her surroundings. The room was quite small, like an average sized room. At the center of the room was a small plastic table on which lay a tray containing several tools and implements too gross for her to try and identify and on the other side was her husband looking morose and dejected. She knew she could cut through her bonds with one of those tools, if only she could reach them. Shifting her weight, she found that she was quite loosely tied. The mad man must have forgotten to tie up properly after his last session. She found that she could reach now reach the legs of the table and she kicked very vigorously. The tray fell to the ground scattering it’s contents as the table gave way. Using the tip of her toes, she dragged a knife towards her and picked it up with her hand.

    Dextery, she cut through her bonds. Those training sessions with her fellow women Avengers was now really paying off. After cutting her bonds, she proceeded to where her husband lay and cut his bonds too. Still holding her knife, they both walked to the door. It was locked, from the outside. They would have to wait for their tormentor to come back. Sighing deeply, she proceeded to lie in wait behind the door.

    On the streets. Same time

    “Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers, powers that astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing, forces that would revolutionize his life if excited and put into action”. 

    Though he loved quotes, especially quotes about the human mind from great thinkers and orators, he was not sure he could remember the author of this one of his favourite quotes. He had another favourite quote;

    “Whatever the mind can conceive, that it can achieve.” 

    And yes, he knew and could remember the author of that quote, Napolean Hill, one of his favourite author, thinker and orator. He would have loved to meet him, but then again Bamo was not to dwell too much on the non-attainable.

    During his medical school, Bamo could be seen burying his head in psychology books. He loved the human mind and its intricate little workings. He knew that the mind is capable of warping events in a favourable light in order to protect itself and it could also be affected either positively o negatively by the smallest detail. He knew that his 7-years prison stay has warped his mind and made him the creature that he is today. He had seen and done things while in prison he probably wouldn’t have seen or done otherwise. He sometimes wondered what he could have become if his medical career was allowed to flourish without interruption. All this thoughts crossed his mind as he walked back to his abode.

    He smiled to himself as he came within sight of his home and remembered the two current occupants. The plan was originally to eliminate the couple on the spot, at least that’s what Madam K had told him in her instructions. But he had changed his mind when he had seen the dazzling beauty of the redhead. What better way to have his way with her while her husband watched helpless, he had bemused. She had been strong alright but the drugs had helped to erode away at her will. The husband will have to die soon, the pure aura of fear emanating from him was too pungent his liking.

    He started whistling as he reached his door and unlocked it. He smiled again as he thought of the plans of what he wanted to do to and with the woman. He was still smiling and whistling when something hard and sharp smashed into his skull. His last image as he lay sprawled on the floor was of a redhead beauty holding a blood-stained knife. The knife slammed into him again.


    Dr Kaboon’s Office, Gold Cross Hospital. 12:30 hours. Same day

    The electricity in the room was so thick you could almost cut it with a knife.

    “Thank you very much, Nurse Veronica, for accompanying me on my rounds.”
    “Anytime Doc”. She smiled and bathed her eyelash coyly at him.

    Dr Kaboon knew an invitation when he saw one and he be damned if was not going to accept this one. With his right hand he grabbed her waist and brought her closer to his body. Bending his face, he crushed her soft succulent lips in a deep kiss. Her lips parted willingly and he could taste her full essence. His hands not wanting to be idle while the mouth worked, sought for and found her twin globes and caressed it. The Tips were already hard and erect, but something brittle was blocking the way. His hands started to rip the offending fabric out of the way…

    There came a sharp insistent knocking at his door. He was sharply back into the present. Who the heck had the temerity to interrupt his journey? Thank God he had remembered to lock the damn door.

    “Who is it?” He queried.
    “It is Pyguru. When did you start to lock your door from the inside?”
    Today, of course, you . Why must this always be intruding? Couldn’t he have come another time? I will have your hide for this, Pyguru. He promised to himself.
    “What is the problem?”
    “I have been instructed by the Administrator to come to his office for the meeting as earlier scheduled. You have less than 5 minutes.”
    Damn! How could he have forgotten?
    “I will be there shortly.”

    He waited till the footsteps had faded and then turned to the pretty dark beauty beside him. The disappointed look on the face told him all he had to know. He mentally cursed Pyguru for denying him a piece of this sweet Bottom today. Well he could always go hunting another day.

    “Am sorry about this, Veronica, duty calls.”
    “I understand”. Reaching up on tip toes, she kissed him. Flashing her trademark smile at him, she glided out of his office.

    After giving her time to have gone far and to allow his blood cool down, he stepped out of his office and locked the door. Humming some abstract tune, he proceeded to walk towards the Administrator’s office.
    Somewhere in the suburbs of Lagos. 13:05 hours. Same day.

    The room was not supposed to be stuffy but it certainly felt so. This was as a result of the thick smoke swirling around in the room and the mean demeanor of the 4 tough looking able-bodied young men sitting in various positions around the room. Any stranger that barged into this gathering could have sworn that the smoke was not from cigarette. At the centre of this room paced a huge bear of a man.

    At 6ft3inches, Pajero Blaise gave the impression of a huge beast on two legs. His strength was visible in his huge biceps and on his face a scar from his right ear to his lower lips. In his left hand was a bottle of some sort of hot gin and in his right hand was a wrap of indian hemp. Intermittently he took a swipe of the hot gin or a lungful of the smoke.

    “The Oga has a mission for us.”
    He bellowed.
    “We are to hit a certain hospital and retrieve a patient in one of the rooms. The patient is that important that he is guarded round the clock by a team of 4 crack policemen. We will hit the place ten minutes after the change of shift at 4pm. We will hit them while they are still trying to settle in. We are to maintain as little casualties as possible.”
    “Pajero, I have a question. What about the policemen? What do we do with them?” Asked one of his men.
    “Our orders are to maintain as small a casualty rate as possible. Shoot to disarm and not to kill. It would be bad to have the blood of a cop on our hands, it would be quite terrible to have them seriously pissed off at this moment. The Oga at the top specifically made that clear.”

    Sitting down with his men, he proceeded to give more details about their mission and to share weapons among his men as their waited.

    Sharon’s Apartment, Isolo. 16:35 hours. Same Day.

    The day had turned out quite well for David. After reaching Sharon’s office earlier on, he had taken her to their favourite restaurant. There he had shown her the new piece of evidence that had come into his hands. She had of course been as excited as he was and they had strategised together on what to do. They had decided to present the new evidence at Lucan’s court hearing in a fortnight. They were now back in Sharon’s apartment, for they had elected to go their instead of his.

    Looking at the beautiful lady in his arms, David knew he was a lucky man.
    “I love you babe.” He told her as he kissed her lightly on her lips.
    “I love you too.” She kissed him back.

    His phone rang. He picked it up, and listening for some seconds, his countenance changed.
    “Ok. Thank you, I will be there shortly.”
    ” What is the problem?” Sharon asked him.
    “It’s Lucan. Some armed men had stormed the hospital, shot at the policemen and made away with Lucan in an ambulance. A civilian, a doctor working at the hospital, had died in the ensuing shootout between the men and the policemen. I have to go back to the office.” He told her the sad news.
    “That’s not good. Should I come with you?”
    “No, just stay here. I will be back shortly.”

    Minutes later, he was in his car on the street heading towards the office. Three car lengths behind him, a certain sleek black trailed faithfully.

    Inside the car, the lone occupant brought out a phone and speed dialed 4. It was picked on the third ring.
    “The subject is on the move. His lady is at her apartment. What’s your instruction?”
    “Still maintain your surveillance. That’s all for now.”
    Mumbling some acknowledgment, the occupant ended the call. Any casual observer that had glanced at the phone during the call would have been interested and surprised at the identity of the number being called. It simply read ‘The Oga at the Top’.

    A Conference Hall, Police State Command Headquarters. 17:00 hours. Same day

    Asst Chief Inspector JayB was quite livid. It showed in the way he sat and in the way the veins in his face popped. Around him in the conference room sat like a dozen police men. All wore somber looks.

    “This is not a happy gathering. Less than an hour ago, some men of the underworld had the temerity to attack Gold Cross Hospital where some of my men were on guard duty. In the process, they had injured 2 policemen and made away with a patient, Mr Lucan Ode, who incidentally is also a cop. A civilian, a doctor known as Dr Pynto Okuwati, had been killed in the ensuing shootout.”

    “I want those men found and the image of this command and the force restored! We can’t have policemen shot at. We have been giving all authority to bring the full weight of the law to bear on them. This is how we will do it.”

    He began to outline the steps.
    The Mobo Mansion, Ikoyi. 18:00 hours. Same day.

    Victor Mobo was relaxing in his terraced garden, thinking and enjoying some of his exotic wine. Business has been moving just fine, at least according to the reports he received from his boys. Halle had made some new friends at her new school and seemed to be coping quite well with the change in environment. He had finally decided not take Mr Ibe’s old job. It was too messy and put him too much in the spotlight.

    He watched as one of his bodyguards approached.
    “Mrs Cathy is here to see you, Sir.”
    “Send her right in.”
    He had given new instructions that no one should be allowed into the grounds with being properly vetted and screened.
    He watched her as she walked towards him. By God, she was still as beautiful as ever. Maybe one of this days he should …, he left the thought hanging. He knew he was not necessarily a lonely man, he had his fair share of women. But once in a while he could feel an emptiness and arching in his heart.

    “What brings you here without calling first?” He asked her after they had exchanged pleasantries and pouring some wine for her into a spare glass cup.
    “The Eagle has left the nest. Mr Lucan has been kidnapped by unknown gunmen.”
    “That’s really bad. When did this happen? What about the policemen detailed to guard him?”
    “Less than an hour ago. The policemen tried their best but they were caught unawares. I warned you about this, he should have been taken to one of the safehouses.”
    “Know your place woman! It is not your place to apportion blame.” He bellowed at her.
    She visibly blanched.

    “Something needs to be done and fast. Lucan knows way too much about our organization. He needs to be found immediately and retrieved.” He continued in a much gentler voice.
    “I want you to contact the members of The Circle of the Stars. I am convening an impromptu meeting tomorrow, right here in my residence. They should all endeavour to attend. In the meantime, Cathy, you have my permission and authority to activate the Iron Claw. Mr Lucan needs to be found and brought back, preferably alive. I want to know how exactly how he came to possess the information he currently has.”

    As Cathy took her leave, Victor Mobo sipped his wine in silence. He had a certain foreboding that he knew who held Lucan. He hoped he was wrong.
    Chapter 11 ends.


    And there you have it. My contribution received many likes. You can find it here.

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    As if he knew about his own mortality, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, tells of his believe that death is one of the biggest experiences any one can ever have, and it is not one we can readily have a say over. This is one of Steve Jobs best quotes.
    “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” –Steve Jobs
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    To solve the human equation, we need to add love, subtract hate, multiply good, and divide between truth and error.

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    Take Risks.

    If you win, you will be happy.
    If you lose, you will be wise.

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